LEap year

How small steps can make a giant difference - the best tools and strategies for embracing change, more confident with decision-making, the power of incremental steps and why making leaps into the unknown is always worth it. 

about the book - leap year

Helen draws on the knowledge of neuroscientists, psychologists, business leaders, nutritionists and even FBI hostage negotiators for this guide to making changes in every area of modern life.

Meik Wiking 

A wonderful and humorous book. I can't remember when I last read a book which made me smile or laugh so often. Highly recommended if you're considering leaping into something new or making a change' 

The Literary Edit  

Written in Russell's signature style that fuses honesty with wit, Leap Year is both a heart-warming tale and a useful guide with hints and tips on how to better deal with change ... Leap Year is a charming book that will resonate with readers the world over' 

Get the Gloss

'If a good hoot with a side order of oh-so-subtle self-help is your cup of tea, Leap Year should replace Lean In in your reading list' 


Makes some pretty big promises - but with practical life lessons, witty first-hand experiences and no-BS advice, it really does what it says on the tin'