February 17

Goldfish syndrome

It could be the jet lag. It could be the obscene amount of coffee that gets drunk at these things. It could even a symptom of the BlackBerry generation, but my short-term memory is shot at the moment. And I’m not the only one.

Speaking to fellow journalists and general hangers-on at this year’s New York Fashion Week, it seemed that many of us were struggling to remember what we’d seen an hour ago – let alone what we were all supposed to be wearing this time last year. One girl actually admitted Googling her own articles to recall what was on the runways and another confessed to ‘winging it’ and hoping she didn’t use the same simile twice.

London Fashion Week kicks off tomorrow and there’ll be a whole new set of trends and temptations. You can already spot the fashion crowd if you look carefully enough on the streets of the capital. The four-inch wedge boots? Those are the ones. The sunglasses in February? Guilty as charged. The folk clutching several cardboard masterpieces promising still greater fashion magic in the tents and venues around the city? That’s them.

Much of what we see may not end up on the high street come September. But for the odd, spectacular, dose of of sartorial serotonin, it’s all worthwhile. I’ll keep you posted.


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