December 17

Join the LEAP YEAR change tribe!

Leap Year by Helen Russell - How to make big decisions, be more resilient and change your life for good - out now
When so many of us are filled with indecision and fear of change, what can we do to change our lives for the better – and for good?
To coincide with the launch of LEAP YEAR, the lovely folk at Two Roads books have been conducting their own experiments in-house, road-testing theories from the book and improving their own lives along the way (hopefully…).
First up, Editorial Assistant Louise Richardson embraces the re-invigorating power of hobbies. Find out how she got on, here (spoiler alert below…).
Louise Richardson tries the Hobbies experiment from Leap Year
Next: Becky Walsh on what happened when she took on the LEAP YEAR mind decluttering challenge…
Fancy joining? Try your own LEAP YEAR change experiment. Just have a read, choose a topic (from work to relationships, the body, hobbies, friends, family, cash, home, or the mind), have a go…and let me know how you get on at Enjoy!


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