November 10

On work

There are very few books written about work. There are hardly any films about it either.  Were you to arrive from another planet, for the sole purpose of learning more about life on earth and look in a bookshop or scan the Love Film library, you’d be forgiven for thinking that everyone spent all their time falling in and out of love, or killing people. Which is all very well, but what happens when love becomes undramatic and you’re not quite ready to resort to murder? Then, it turns out, work can offer something of a solace. The rest of life is harder to get right but work gives us an agenda. There is a strange comfort to be had in the routine and minutiae of office life. My daily excursion into work is a form of sanity and a comfort. The affirmations of my colleagues, from, “You look better with more make-up on” (nice), to, “Good shoes. I need coffee…” and daily office chats are something that I cherish. So this week I’m celebrating work and all its oddities. Until the weekend, at least.


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